Investing for the long term

High-performing teams of talented individuals investing the nation’s foreign reserves for the benefit of the people, today and into the future.

We invest for the long term. A focus on intrinsic value and price discipline guides our investment teams as they originate, structure and pursue investment opportunities across asset classes and the capital structure.

We have a broad-based portfolio of asset classes, from equities to real estate, and our investment framework combines prudence with flexibility to enable us to fulfil our mandate: to optimise returns while not taking excessive risk.

We look at the long-term performance of the overall portfolio rather than the short-term returns of any specific asset class or investment, with our patient capital enabling us to benefit from investments that take time to realise their potential.

Talented teams
We forge talented individuals into high-performing teams within a culture of openness and initiative. This structure and culture enable us to rapidly identify and capitalise on emerging opportunities, particularly when they arise at asset class boundaries.

Our nation’s future
Our resources, our culture, our strategy and the skills of our people come together to generate reliable risk-adjusted returns over the long-term for the people of Singapore.