At GIC, we believe in Future Now – what happens tomorrow is determined today.

Our purpose is to provide sustainable returns that contribute to the well-being of Singaporeans. We take the long view on our investments, both because we believe in the virtues of ‘patient capital’, and because we are building a reserve of funds for all Singaporeans – the old, the young, and the generations to come.

Singapore is a small nation with no natural resources. Apart from its people, it has few endowments on which to build wealth. So smart and patient management of its accumulated resources is crucial. Taking a long-term view not only helps us to anticipate and capitalise on events, it helps us to shape them. After all, it is ultimately not enough that we be prudent custodians of the financial resources which we have been entrusted to protect and grow. We have a larger responsibility – to be conscientious stewards of the future.

Focus on the long term
Proper stewardship of our investments demands honest engagement with our business partners and other stakeholders. We also support activities that strengthen governance practices and advocate more long-term thinking. Initiatives such as FCLT Global, of which GIC is a founding member, and institutions such as Singapore’s Wealth Management Institute lead the way in advocating for the virtues of patient capital.

PRIME values, premium returns
Our investment philosophy is based on our PRIME values – Prudence, Respect, Integrity, Merit and Excellence. Prudence, Respect and Integrity lead us to always consider sustainability issues when making investment decisions. We have found that companies with strong values and positions on these issues tend to also show Merit and Excellence – allowing them to out-perform their peers while having a positive impact on society. Over time, this responsible and disciplined approach has delivered sustainable and superior returns for our ultimate clients, the people of Singapore.

People power
Investing in tomorrow also means igniting the potential in the youth of today. Through our GIC Sparks&Smiles programme, we sponsor compassionate undergraduates to mentor disadvantaged children and youths in Singapore. GIC is uniquely positioned to instil financial awareness amongst Singapore's youth. This is why our customised programmes teach them the importance of thinking long-term and the benefits of managing finances prudently. In addition, our staff organise programmes which serve the underprivileged, and we match staff donations for various worthy causes and disaster relief efforts. These are just small ways in which GIC demonstrates its commitment to its values. More importantly, we are proud that the funds under our management ultimately contribute to Singapore’s healthcare, education and infrastructure as well other vital aspects of its national budget.

Our programmes

Safehouse is an experiential, in-school game developed by GIC aimed at helping 13 to 18 year-olds understand what reserve management and long-term investing is all about. More than just fun, the students come to understand through play some important investing principles such as risk diversification, the difference between prices and values, and the importance of a long-term horizon.

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GIC Sparks&Smiles
GIC Sparks&Smiles (GIC Sparks) empowers committed youths from low-income households to make a real difference in the lives of others. Participants are trained by social service professionals to develop their mentorship and counselling skills, before being connected with underprivileged children and teenagers to whom they offer tutorship, career advice and companionship. They also receive a grant which supports them in their own studies.

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For further information and applications, please approach the financial aid offices of these Singapore universities, polytechnics and ITE:

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  • National University of Singapore
  • Singapore Institute of Technology
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