Our Values

Certainty of purpose, thoughtfulness in direction

Our values shape our thoughts, actions and character as individuals – and as one GIC team. We believe that the results we seek are best achieved through a culture founded on our core values.

The GIC Primer

Our PRIME Values act as our compass, enabling us to return to our fundamental purpose and beliefs.


As an institution and as individuals, we exercise prudence, and sound judgement. We take a considered approach to managing risks and are always conscious of our overriding fiduciary responsibility.


We respect people as individuals, care for their well-being, and welcome diversity in capability and background. We value relationships and collaboration, and always seek to help our colleagues and GIC do better.


We expect the highest standards of honesty from everyone in GIC, both in our work and in our personal lives. This includes abiding by the laws of the countries we invest in, and observing our code of ethics in letter and in spirit.


We recruit, develop and reward our people solely on merit. We select business partners based on their capability and believe in long-term relationships.


We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence and expect all to do their best in every situation. We harness the creativity and imagination of our people and our business partners for sustainable, superior results.

One of the tenets of the GIC and as it is to every organization in Singapore, is unflinching integrity.
Mr Lee Kuan Yew
Founding Chairman, GIC (1981-2011)