Creating long-term value in our community

Our community programmes deliver long-term impact through a multiplier effect. Our focus is on building more confident and inclusive communities in which individuals can act boldly and create a brighter future.

Supporting financial literacy

At GIC, we emphasise continued learning and a growth mindset. We have created customised experiences to grow the understanding of long-term investing among youths in Singapore, and beyond.


Building confident and inclusive communities

GIC Sparks & Smiles

GIC Sparks empowers committed Singaporean students from low-income households to make a real difference in the lives of others. We support our Sparks recipients with experiences, skills and opportunities to become confident leaders and contributors to the community.


The Purple Symphony: Training Award Programme

We partner The Purple Symphony, Singapore’s largest inclusive orchestra, to provide persons with special needs and disadvantaged individuals with opportunities to develop their musical talent and grow in confidence over the long term.