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    Managing GIC’s Corporate Carbon Footprint


    Investing Sustainably

    Managing GIC’s Corporate Carbon Footprint

    GIC seeks to manage the environmental impact of our global corporate operations and achieved our target to become carbon neutral in our operations by FY2020/21.

    We started measuring our global corporate carbon footprint in 2019 and have developed our own sustainability dashboard to track and understand our carbon footprint globally. By consolidating our energy and business travel data from our global offices, we can better understand the relative contribution and trends of each component of our carbon footprint. This enables us to prioritise and monitor the efficacy of specific interventions and activities put in place to help increase our resource efficiency and reduce our carbon impact. We now have a view of the emissions profile of our operations, pre-pandemic and for the past year, for Scope 1 and 2 and business travel emissions.

    GIC is actively looking to reduce the emissions profile of our operations and will offset the remaining emissions using Gold Standard certified projects in the near term. We have a GIC Workplace Handbook that serves as a corporate guide for all our global offices and includes specifications on our sustainability standards when selecting a new office space and renovating existing office spaces. All our major offices are expected to continue to be designed and built in line with industry best practice certifications, including LEED, BREEAM or the BCA Green Mark Scheme. We are also committed to active waste and water management, and recycling in our offices, as well as moving towards more digital solutions and a paper-light working environment.

    By understanding how our decisions impact the environment we live in over the long term, we can work together to identify the best solutions for how to be more environmentally responsible. We believe that continual improvement of our environmental practices will be best achieved by harnessing the efforts of all our people. Our annual sustainability month also includes talks and friendly competitions aimed at creating awareness and understanding on the impact of our everyday choices on the environment.

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