Ground-up efforts across ten offices

GIC staff give back to their local communities by volunteering and engaging directly with non-profits. GIC actively supports these efforts through donations, matching schemes, and a formal Volunteer Leave provision.

With Love, GIC

With COVID-19 affecting communities globally, GIC volunteers are leading and participating in ground-up activities to support those in need. These include putting together and distributing food, healthcare supplies and other essential items, enabling online learning for students, and helping our charity partners extend their outreach and capacity.

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In the spirit of giving back, GICians have been leading ground-up projects to support communities affected by #COVID19. GICian Tham Yan Ping partnered @sg.beyond to arrange the procurement and distribution of grocery packs to over 150 low-income families supported by Beyond. Each pack is expected to last for one month and contains necessities such as cleaning products and food, which were selected in consultation with the families.
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“We hope that the grocery packs will provide some degree of food security to families in need during these difficult times. A big thank you to our community partner, @sg.beyond, who ensured the packs were distributed safely and efficiently during the circuit breaker period.” - Tham Yan Ping, Project Lead, @gicsg
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@sg.beyond is a 🇸🇬-based non-profit organization dedicated to helping less privileged children and youths break away from the poverty cycle. To get involved, tap the link in bio 👆 for more details.
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At #GIC, our #community programmes seek to build more confident and inclusive #communities where individuals can act boldly and create a brighter future.⠀

One example is our ‘Differently Abled’ initiative. GICians #volunteer as #mentors to students with various disabilities and we support SGenable’s programme for these students to #intern at GIC. ⠀

Jonathan Tiong (say 👋 to him at @jonathan_tiong) was an intern from this programme last year - “Differently Abled in @gicsg is about acknowledging that while the disabled have constraints, they also have strengths and can play a useful role in #society and the #workplace.” ⠀

For Jon, a particularly memorable moment during his #internship was when his manager asked him to contribute to a team-mate’s birthday surprise. He gifted her a broccoli to decorate her workspace, given her fondness for it. While seemingly a small gesture, being asked to contribute meant a great deal to him as it made him feel like he was a part of the team. ⠀

Tap the link in bio to learn more about our #community initiatives in the FY19/20 #GICReport. ⠀

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At #GIC, our #community programmes seek to build more confident and inclusive #communities where individuals can act boldly and create a brighter future.⠀

Launched this year, GIC X Change is a #mentorship and #volunteering programme where GIC #mentors and youth mentees come together to develop community service projects that are asset-based and build on the community’s strengths. ⠀

GICians Sharon Koh and Ong Chuon Yan, together with their three mentees from the GIC X Change programme, packed and delivered kits to migrant workers living in two factory-converted forms during the circuit breaker period. ⠀
Although their group activities had been shelved due to #COVID19, they found a way to make a meaningful contribution together. All in all, 300 kits comprising items such as calling cards, toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs and razors, were delivered to migrant workers. ⠀

Sharon found it meaningful to be able to contribute towards the workers’ well-being - “We depend greatly on these workers to keep Singapore running and I hope our small gifts will help to lift their spirits during this difficult time.” ⠀

Chuon Yan was similarly glad to be able to make a difference - “We we’re glad to be able to provide support and make a small difference. It was also a great opportunity to connect with our mentees, see them step up in these unprecedented times, and work together to give back.” ⠀

Tap the link in bio to learn more about how we put our values into action through our community initiatives. ⠀

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GIC has been named a Champion of Good 2020 by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (@cityofgoodsg). This is a national framework that recognises organisations that are exemplary in doing good, and have also been a multiplier by engaging partners and stakeholders on a collaborative journey. ⠀

“We are honoured to be recognised as a Champion of Good 2020. The award is a testament to our passionate #community partners and staff who continue to volunteer their time and effort to create positive change. This is in addition to our global #investing activities which support many enterprises and add value to many #communities.” - Lim Chow Kiat, CEO, #GIC ⠀

Tap the link in bio 👆to find out how we seek to build more confident and inclusive communities. ⠀

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In the spirit of giving, GICians have been leading ground-up projects to support communities affected by #COVID19. Our interns from the GIC Internship Programme got together to procure hygiene essentials such as soap and sanitizers for migrant workers, in collaboration with community partner @healthservesg.

Hoping to support local businesses that may have experienced a drop in footfall and revenue due to the pandemic, the team sourced and purchased items from numerous small provision stores.

"In total, we supplied 200 care packs comprising hand soaps, bar soaps, and hand sanitizers. Our diverse intern batch also wrote notes of appreciation in six different languages - English, Bengali, Tamil, Chinese, Hindi, and Gujarati - to thank the migrant workers for all they have done to build Singapore. This was a great way to end off our internship with GIC and we are glad to be part of the meaningful 'With Love, GIC' initiative." - Nicklaus Ong, Project Lead, @gicsg

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