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    Organizational Structure

    Elizabeth Chau

    Head of Balance Sheet Management,
    Portfolio Execution Group

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    Elizabeth Chau is Head of the Balance Sheet Management Group at GIC. Her team is responsible for centralised liquidity management, funding, and securities financing. She sits on GIC’s Currency Risk Management Committee, which oversees strategic currency exposures across the total portfolio.

    Elizabeth joined GIC in 1991 and built her career managing fixed income and currency portfolios, including emerging market bonds and gold. From 2004 to 2007, she led a team that employed external fund managers to enhance GIC’s fixed income and currency investing capabilities. In 2012, she was appointed Deputy Head, Global Trading Unit.

    She is a member of the Singapore Foreign Exchange Market Committee, which aims to foster the growth and development of Singapore as a leading global financial centre in Asia with specific focus on foreign exchange, money markets, fixed income, and derivatives markets.

    Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Accountancy (First Class Honours) from the National University of Singapore and is a CFA charterholder. Elizabeth is passionate about talent development, helping diverse individuals to recognise and leverage their strengths and potential in order to build high performing teams and businesses.

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