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    Garry Tan

    President and CEO
    Y Combinator

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    Garry is President & CEO at Y Combinator (“YC”), which he rejoined this Fall after founding Initialized Capital, a successful venture fund. Garry was one of YC’s first partners and funded and advised many iconic YC companies including Coinbase, Instacart and many others. In YC’s early days, Garry also served as a designer and engineer, and he wrote software and created Bookface, the internal network that connects YC’s alumni founders to this day. At Initialized, Garry worked closely with several technology startups including many YC companies.

    Prior to advising and investing in companies, Garry co-founded the blog platform Posterous (acquired by Twitter in 2012), and was an early employee at Palantir and designed its logo.

    In his spare time, he enjoys van life with his family and creating videos for his YouTube channel.

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