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    A diversified, resilient portfolio to secure Singapore's financial future


    Our Portfolio

    A diversified, resilient portfolio to secure Singapore's financial future

    GIC Report 2021/22

    GIC publishes an annual report on the management of the government’s portfolio and information on our policies and people.

    Past GIC Reports

    GIC Report 2020/21

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    GIC Report 2019/20

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    GIC Report 2018/19

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    GIC Report 2017/18

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    GIC Report 2016/17

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    GIC Report 2015/16

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    Our Performance

    Over the 20-year period that ended 31 March 2022, GIC achieved an annualised rate of return of 4.2% above global inflation. In other words, the international purchasing power of the reserves nearly doubled during the 20-year period.

    Our rolling 20-year real rate of return

    At GIC, we aim to achieve sustainable real returns over a 20-year horizon, so as to preserve and enhance the international purchasing power of the reserves we manage. Our goal is expressed in real terms because we must, at the minimum, generate a return above global inflation.
    Our Client’s assessment of our performance is based on both our rolling 20-year real return, and the risk taken to achieve these returns.

    A diversified, resilient portfolio

    We maintain a diversified portfolio spanning six core asset classes, each with a different risk and return profile. Our Portfolio is constructed to be resilient across a range of plausible market economic conditions, while generating positive long-term returns. This requires it to be well-diversified. By spreading our investments across asset types, regions, industries and companies, the GIC Portfolio is more diversified and less sensitive to market volatility.

    Investing globally

    While the GIC Portfolio’s asset allocation is constructed to achieve an appropriate long-term balance of risk and return, the geographical distribution of the portfolio is fluid and depends primarily on market capacity, economic cycles and investment opportunities.

    Hover to view stats 25% Asia ex Japan 7% Japan 8% Eurozone 4% UnitedKingdom 10% Global 5% Middle East,Africa, and therest of Europe 4% Latin America 37% United States

    Investment outlook

    The investment landscape is shifting rapidly. In view of the shift to a potentially high-inflation regime, the need for low-carbon transition, technological advancements, and changing political dynamics, the outlook is exceptionally uncertain. In the face of these uncertainties, it is all the more important that GIC continues to adapt to the changing realities while remaining anchored to our mandate, values, and investment principles. In addition to doubling down on our core investment principles of diversifying our portfolio, taking the long view, and emphasising preparing rather than predicting, GIC will also continue our efforts to strengthen our networks, build capabilities and seek attractive alpha generating opportunities, drawing on our long-term investment approach and global network of partnerships.

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