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    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


    Who We Are

    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) is an expression of our core values of Prudence, Respect, Integrity, Merit, and Excellence – PRIME. The way we work is founded on respect for one another and a clear sense of purpose.

    Our Beliefs

    In line with our core PRIME values, we express the values of Respect and Merit by ensuring our people management policies are equitable and fair for all. Our inclusive practices enable our employees to be at their best. The way we work is founded on respect for one another and a clear sense of purpose.

    We believe an inclusive environment yields exceptional contribution. Making inclusion explicit signals to our employees and the wider community that we can bring diversity of talent and thoughts to GIC.

    When diverse teams feel included, we build shared belonging to one another and GIC as we strive to invest well for Singapore.

    Our Approach

    As an employer, we integrate DE&I principles into every aspect of our people practices, and are committed to foster diversity of talent and an inclusive culture.

    As an investor, we believe that diversity is a hallmark of best practices in business, and one of the considerations incorporated in investment decision-making where it enhances long-term investment value.

    Diverse Talent Pool

    We embrace diversity across multiple dimensions – gender, race, nationality, education, industry, and physical abilities, amongst others – and build complementary teams to leverage our people’s collective capabilities.

    Equitable Practices

    We ensure people management policies and practices are fair for all across compensation, performance, conduct, and progression. We are committed to reviewing internal processes for an equitable workplace where GICians can be at their best.

    Inclusive Workplace

    We seek to build an inclusive culture via both top-down and bottom-up initiatives. In our commitment towards a more inclusive GIC, we learn continually and make intentional efforts to improve our day-to-day micro, workplace experiences.

    "As a collective professional community, we are called to model the right values and foster an inclusive culture to level the playing field for generations ahead. We want to do well, but we also want to do good in a purposeful way."

    Deanna Ong,
    Chief People Officer, GIC

    Our Practices

    Promote an equitable workplace

    • As part of our annual talent review and reporting, our Human Resource teams closely monitor and track data to call out anomalies or biases that may be impacting a fair outcome, holding our leaders and teams accountable.
    • Annual training and refreshers to equip managers with the right resources and mindsets to assess employees fairly and mitigate unconscious bias.
    • Annual compensation review to ensure market benchmarks are competitive, and that pay is a fair reward for one’s role and performance.

    Harness diversity for performance

    • GIC is an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity for organisational performance.  We do not discriminate based on factors such as ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability.
    • Recognising the diverse needs of our people, we regularly review our employee benefits, designed to enable our people to be at their best. We promote wellness and appreciate that our people have important roles outside of work.
    • We proactively source for a balanced candidate slate and work with industry partners to improve gender representation across our roles, ensuring that our job descriptions reflect inclusive values to attract the best talent for GIC.

    Continue to foster an inclusive environment

    • Through internal employee surveys and platforms, we maintain open channels for feedback and communication between employees and leaders.
    • Our Dignity At Work policy outlines clear expectations of conduct to ensure our people feel safe and respected.
    • Industry DE&I events and conferences allow us to reiterate our commitment to DE&I and learn best practices from industry partners.

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    Harnessing DE&I

    In this speech, GIC’s Chief People Officer Deanna Ong explains GIC’s approach towards DE&I and how DE&I enables us to invest well for Singapore.

    DE&I at GIC

    Visit our Careers page for more information on GIC’s DE&I practices, and what it is like to work in GIC.

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