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    Who We Are


    Who We Are

    We’re a global long-term investor, with purpose in our hearts and the future on our minds

    Purpose of Funds

    GIC is one of the three investment entities in Singapore that manage Singapore's reserves, alongside the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Temasek. We manage most of the Government’s financial assets, investing for the long term with an aim to preserve and enhance the international purchasing power of the funds placed in our care.

    Why Reserves Matter

    The reserves are a critical resource for Singapore’s future. First, they are a valuable buffer for unavoidable downturns. Second, a strong national balance sheet fosters investor confidence, enhancing the Singapore dollar’s resilience. Third, income from investing the reserves.

    Supplementing the Government’s Annual Budget

    Singaporeans benefit from the returns of GIC, as well as those of MAS and Temasek. The Net Investment Returns Contribution (NIRC), estimated to be S$23.5 billion in Financial Year (FY) 2024, has allowed the Government to make further investments for the long term, such as in education, R&D, healthcare, and improving our physical environment.

    Our Leadership

    Our people are our transformational force. GIC continues to build new capabilities and expand our investment and operating platforms, as we seek to strengthen our investment performance and organisational resilience into the future.

    Executive Management

    The Group Executive Committee is GIC’s highest management body, comprising our functional and investment heads. It deliberates on management proposals on investment and risk issues before submission to relevant Board Committees and the Board itself.

    The Committee also oversees all major business, governance, and policy issues concerning the group as a whole.

    Global Leaders

    The Global Leadership Group (GLG) is a select group of Managing Directors who hold enterprise leadership roles in GIC. They lead significant parts of the business, drive our most important cross-functional efforts, and come together regularly to discuss enterprise-wide strategic topics.

    Our global leaders

    Organizational Structure

    People are the heart of GIC. Our investment professionals manage the reserves for the long term in partnership with our business professionals. Regardless of role or function, we are one GIC team — united in the common pursuit of investing for Singapore.

    Our organizational structure

    Our History

    Established in 1981, GIC was the brainchild of Dr Goh Keng Swee, then Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Dr Goh was a singular man, whose bold vision continues to drive a secure financial future for Singapore.

    “There is no real secret about the way in which most nations and individuals grow rich. They must save a good part of their income, wisely and profitably invested. The more you save and the more wisely you invest, the faster you get rich.”

    Dr Goh Keng Swee

    Deputy Chairman, GIC (1981-1994)

    The GIC Story

    GIC was established in a time when the idea that a country should manage its reserves for long-term returns was unconventional. As the world’s first non-commodity-based sovereign wealth fund, GIC’s vision was original, bold, and forward-looking.

    GIC enabled Singapore to develop the essential capability of managing its own reserves, placing the country at the helm of its own long-term destiny. This spirit of boldness and courage is GIC’s legacy and inspiration, inherited by all in GIC today.

    Our Values

    GIC is shaped by our core values: PRIME.

    We are guided by Prudence, Respect, Integrity, Merit and Excellence. These values guide our actions and decisions as we work towards doing better for Singapore.


    Use sound judgment to take appropriate and informed risks.


    Treat everyone with dignity. Value the perspectives and work of others.


    Be honest, ethical, and trustworthy. Do what’s right.


    Reward both achievements and behaviours equitably. 


    Deliver best-in-class outcomes with professional pride. Strive to be the best you can be.

    Our PRIME values serve as a moral compass. We also have three key culture attributes that shape the way we are preparing for the future: we are driven by Ambition, Agility and Diversity. These three attributes direct us to embrace change and value different capabilities and creativity, so that GIC may be a leading global long-term investor.

    "One of the tenets of the GIC and as it is to every organisation in Singapore, is unflinching integrity."

    Mr Lee Kuan Yew
    Founding Chairman, GIC (1991-2011)

    Our Governance

    The Government, represented by the Ministry of Finance (MOF), sets the investment objective, risk parameters, and investment horizon for the portfolio. It also ensures a competent board of directors is in place.

    The GIC Board is responsible for the Policy Portfolio that determines GIC’s long-term asset allocation and is accountable to the Government for the overall performance of the portfolio.

    The GIC Management is responsible for formulating and executing investment strategies, and for individual investments. The Management also reports to the Government on the risk and performance of the portfolio.

    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    Through diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, we put our corporate values of Prudence, Respect, Integrity, Merit, and Excellence (PRIME) into practice. The way we work is founded deeply on respect for one another and with a clear sense of purpose. We believe every individual brings unique diversity of thought to meaningfully enrich the perspectives of GIC teams and drive competitive performance. When diverse teams feel included, we build shared belonging to one another and to GIC.


    We believe that companies with good sustainability practices will offer prospects of better risk-adjusted investment returns over the long term.

    Social Impact

    GIC’s investment capital supports the enterprises and stakeholders that we invest in for the long term. This approach extends to our community programmes, which seek to build more confident and inclusive communities.

    Learn more

    Collaborating for greater impact

    We work closely with like-minded organisations, enabling impactful programmes that support the development of our beneficiaries’ skills and confidence.

    Learn more

    Supporting financial literacy

    We have a strong emphasis on continual learning within GIC, adopting a growth mindset when it comes to developing our people. We apply the same approach externally, creating customised experiences that promote the understanding of long-term investing among youths in Singapore and beyond.

    See resources

    GIC Events

    GIC Insights

    Established in 2016, GIC Insights is GIC’s flagship thought leadership event that convenes global business leaders to deliberate over long-term issues pertinent to the international business and investment community.

    Bridge Forum

    The Bridge Forum is a unique platform that explores technological disruption and innovation. Since 2018, Bridge Forum has convened global business leaders and technology trailblazers to connect, share exclusive insights, and develop investment opportunities.

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