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    Greg Jensen

    Co-Chief Investment Officer
    Bridgewater Associates

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    Greg Jensen is Co-Chief Investment Officer at Bridgewater Associates and is a Director on Bridgewater’s Operating Board of Directors.

    He joined Bridgewater in 1996 after graduating from Dartmouth College with a degree in Economics and Applied Mathematics. As Co-CIO, Greg oversees Bridgewater’s investment strategies and research efforts with Co-CIOs Bob Prince and Ray Dalio. Greg is integrally involved in overseeing Bridgewater’s investment engine and investment talent. In 2010, 2011, and 2012, Greg was named one of business’s rising stars in Fortune Magazine’s “Top 40 Under 40.”

    As Co-CIO, Greg oversees the systemization of Bridgewater’s research into trading strategies, manages the development of proprietary investment management models, directs the design and implementation of client investment strategies, and publishes timely market understanding to clients and global policy makers via Bridgewater’s Daily Observations. Greg has been a key author of the Daily Observations since joining the Firm in 1996.

    Greg is dedicated to building a community of market thinkers and investment managers who can develop, systemize, and compound market understanding better than anyone else in the world. Over the past fifteen years, he has designed training, developed new research methods and invested in cutting edge technology to make this vision a reality. Greg is involved in charitable missions around effective altruism and the safe development and use of AI.

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