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    Kevin Bong

    Director, Economics & Investment Strategy

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    Kevin is Director of GIC’s Economics and Investment Strategy department (EIS), and is responsible for leading EIS to articulate GIC’s economic and strategic outlook over the medium- and long- term, define factor and asset class exposures and benchmarks, and target optimal allocations for active strategies across the Total Portfolio.

    Prior to re-joining GIC in 2017, Kevin was Portfolio Manager for External Public Investments & Credit at OPTrust in Toronto, where he and his team pioneered the allocation to multi-asset and hedge funds, and advanced the transformation of the Trust’s investment policies and portfolio.  Before that, he had been Vice President and Portfolio Manager in GIC’s External Managers Department in New York, where he oversaw the North American equity and hedge fund book.  Kevin started his career with GIC in Singapore analyzing risk and return expectations of investment strategies and asset classes, refining optimization techniques for GIC’s long-term policy portfolio, and advising the government on its long-term investment needs and risk tolerance.

    Kevin holds degrees in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Management Science (Finance) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He is also a CFA charter holder.

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