Investment Groups

GIC invests across a range of asset classes in both the public and private markets. Our investment strategy is one of integrated diversity. Across our organization, we leverage our breadth of asset class expertise, flexibility and global reach to pursue attractive and unique investment opportunities for the long term.

Public Markets

We invest across developed and emerging markets in equities and fixed income, constructing a diversified portfolio to produce sustainable, risk-adjusted performance.

Public Equities

  • Global Equities
  • Regional Equities
  • Organised along product groups specialising in total return, relative return and quantitative strategies
  • Conducts in-depth due diligence and research to identify businesses with potential to generate good long-term returns

Fixed Income

  • Systematic Investments
  • Global Credit
  • Global Macro
  • Invests in a range of fixed income sectors, from government bonds, emerging market bonds, corporate bonds and loans, convertible bonds, hybrid securities, securitised products to global currencies
  • Employs a range of investment strategies including yield curve analysis, credit, interest rate duration and cross-asset quantitative strategies to add value to the portfolio

Portfolio Execution Group

  • Enables efficient management of total portfolio liquidity and enhancement of asset utilisation through round-the-clock trade execution across Singapore, London, and New York for all public market asset classes
  • Provides timely market intelligence to investment groups and leverages in-house research capabilities to execute trading, portfolio implementation, and rebalancing strategies
  • Oversees trading, total portfolio rebalancing, liquidity management, equity beta replication and securities finance

External Managers

Employs external fund managers for GIC to enhance investment capabilities and opportunities, and access valuable investment insights.

Private Markets

In the private markets, we invest in opportunities that have the potential to generate high long-term real returns and the ability to diversify our portfolio.

Private Equity

  • Direct & Co-Investments
  • Private Equity Debt
  • Fund Investments
  • Invests in companies directly and through funds, in both developed and emerging markets
  • Includes buyouts, venture capital and special situations
  • Adds value to boards and management of investee companies by providing advice and access to our global network


  • Direct Investments
  • Fund Investments
  • Invests in large, unlisted infrastructure assets
  • Includes mature, low-to-moderate risk assets in developed markets, complemented by investments with higher growth potential in emerging markets

Real Estate

  • Brick & Mortar
  • Real Estate Debt
  • Listed & Unlisted Real Estate
  • Invests worldwide across the capital structure, spanning multiple property sectors
  • Features in-house capability in asset management to generate income and enhance market value

Cross Asset Group & Asset Allocation

Economics & Investment Strategy

Constructs long-term portfolio policy, undertakes medium-term asset allocation, as well as innovates alternative investment models.

Integrated Strategies Group

Focusses on cross asset and less conventional investment opportunities, develops thematic investment strategies and actively expands our network of relationships beyond traditional domains.