SINGAPORE, 22 February 2018 – GIC recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of its Japan office with the commitment to strengthen partnerships in areas such as specialised manufacturing, technology, infrastructure and real estate.

Even before the opening of its Tokyo office in 1988, GIC had been investing in Japanese equities and bonds for a number of years. This later expanded into real estate and private equity in the 1990s and more recently into infrastructure.

Lim Chow Kiat, Chief Executive Officer, said, “GIC established our on-the-ground presence much earlier than other foreign investors. That has equipped GIC with valuable market knowledge as well as long-term relationships with policymakers, investee companies, fund managers and banking institutions in Japan. These have helped GIC to navigate the Japanese market over the last 30 years”.

He added, “We view Japan favourably. Besides being a large and modern economy, Japan has many enterprises which are leaders in various industries, particularly specialised sectors such as precision engineering, chemicals, electronics and robotics. The third arrow of Abenomics is also producing good prospects as it helps companies improve capital efficiency and sectors such as tourism to expand. We are seeing more investment opportunities and are engaging with partners on solutions where our capital can be helpful to enhance the value of their businesses.”

On 6 February 2018, GIC organised a discussion forum which was attended by over 60 senior policy and business leaders. During the event, participants discussed topics such as macroeconomic conditions and corporate governance in Japan.