05 Aug 2009

GIC has launched its Young Professionals Programme (YPP) as a new talent recruitment programme that looks for cultural fit of a candidate in addition to academic qualifications and work experience. Candidates are chosen as applying to join GIC rather than specific functions in GIC. Subsequent deployment depends on aptitude, interest and observations on the Programme.

The inaugural YPP underlines GIC’s strategy to continually seek talent for the long term, no matter whether the economy is up or down. It targets fresh graduates, or graduates who have been out of university for no more than 4 years, who want to build a career with GIC, whether as an investment professional or in any of the supporting roles which enable excellent investment results.

GIC’s good reputation as a global fund management company has helped the company attract highly talented people. The challenge is to hire those who are not only competent in what they do but also share the vision and ideals of the company.

Said Mr Lim Siong Guan, Group President, GIC:

“We are looking for candidates from varied academic and work backgrounds who have good IQ (intellectual capacity), good EQ (emotional quotient – ability to work with and through others) and good AQ (adversity quotient –capacity to take ups and downs with equanimity, tenacity and resourcefulness). Excellent grades are not good enough. They must be people of character and integrity.”

The one-year YPP is conducted in Singapore. It starts with 5 weeks of intensive classroom training in finance, economics, investment analysis and GIC’s businesses. This is followed by 3 job rotations of 2 months each (generally one to public markets, one to private markets and one to corporate services), capped by a trainee stint in one of the departments. Those who complete the YPP successfully will be appointed Associates.

A pioneer batch of 12 candidates, aged 23 to 27 and selected out of some 2,000 applicants, were welcomed at a commencement ceremony officiated by GIC’s Deputy Chairman and Executive Director Dr Tony Tan this morning.