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    Social Impact

    GIC X Change

    The GIC X Change is a six-month mentorship and volunteering programme where GIC mentors and youth mentees come together to develop community service projects.

    How it works

    The programme provides a platform for both mentors and mentees to experience community leadership and engagement together. All participants undergo a specially curated curriculum conducted by Skillseed. The curriculum equips participants with design-thinking skills to create community projects with an Asset – Based Community Development (ABCD) approach. Through workshop-style group activities, they learn about empathy mapping and strategies for dignity promotion.

    These mentors and mentees then apply these skills as they embark on community projects.

    In the process, ideas are exchanged, mentor-mentee bonds are forged, and participants gain experiences and skills that serve them in their professional and personal capacities.

    CNA Feature

    Volunteering shapes our life experiences, allows us to leverage strengths to create care for the community, because you support one, and the one goes out to support another. In that process, it multiplies the impact for the community.

    Deanna Ong

    Chief People Officer, GIC X Change mentor

    It inspired me to do more and we hope that we can inspire the people around us as well.

    Afaf Rusydah

    GIC X Change mentee

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