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    Organizational Structure

    Tammam Mouakhar

    Head of Total Portfolio Alternative Strategies,
    Economics & Investment Strategy

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    Tammam Mouakhar is Head of Total Portfolio Alternative Strategies at GIC. In this role, Tammam oversees long-term and medium-term strategies to maximise the impact to the Total Portfolio. These include Alternative Investment Model, Alternative Hedges, and Portfolio of Innovations and Extensions.

    Tammam joined GIC in 2013 and led the Real Return Program and Total Portfolio Alternative Strategies division within the Economic and Investment Strategy department. Prior to joining GIC, Tammam was Director at CDPQ in Canada. Earlier in his career, he was a lecturer at HEC Montreal and the University of Montreal in the Finance and Computer Science departments.

    Tammam holds a doctorate in Financial Engineering from HEC Montreal and the University of Montreal, as well as a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD. Tammam also holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Physics from IPEIN, a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from ENIT, and a Master of Science in Management of Information Systems from HEC Montreal. He has participated in the Program for Leadership Development at Harvard Business School and attended the ALFI program from the National University of Singapore.

    Tammam has published several articles in academic and professional journals, such as Financial Analyst Journal, Journal of Portfolio Management and Journal of Alternative Investments.

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