Investing for the future

Through informed and calculated investing, we contribute to the well-being of current and future generations of Singaporeans.

GIC Report

Details of how we are governed, our investment approach, our relationship with the Government of Singapore as well as the portfolio's performance.


As the Singapore Government’s fund manager, we create possibilities for Singapore as we seek to secure the financial future of Singaporeans. Through interactive content and gameplay, this microsite offers a dynamic look into GIC’s mission, work and investment approach.

GIC History

"Safeguarding the Future" tells the untold story of Singapore’s reserve management history, and re-creates the vision, creativity and drive that led to the founding of GIC – a game changer in how Singapore would manage its foreign reserves.

GIC: A place for you

As one of the world’s leading investment funds, we offer a wide range of career opportunities, from scholarships and internships to openings for mid-career professionals.

Shaping Singapore

In just a few decades, Singapore has, through nothing more than the skills, energy and determination of its people, built an advanced economy with a strong reserves position. With GIC managing most of the Government’s financial assets for the long term, our work secures the financial future of Singapore. We strive to invest well and contribute to the well-being of current and future generations of Singaporeans.

Tomorrow: Today

At GIC, we believe in Future Now – what happens tomorrow is determined today. Our primary aim is to prepare for the future and it is the reason we consistently take the long-term view on our investments. Our PRIME values are our guiding principles when making investment decisions. They also motivate the activities we undertake to directly support our community.


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