In this podcast organized by OMFIF, GIC’s Chief People Officer, Deanna Ongspoke on the impact of technology on the changing nature of work. Although technological innovation has always been a constant driver of productivity and economic growth, it has also generated insecurities of labour displacement and job redundancy. Deanna expanded on views expressed in her article “Man vs Machine: The Importance of Human Capital”.

The episode was hosted by Brandon Chye, Economist, OMFIF. Pertinent themes such as the complementary nature between automation and human judgement, the challenges companies will face, and leadership qualities needed to thrive in the new normal were discussed.

Deanna highlighted how this crisis has brought up an important human lesson to put the wellness of people first. At GIC, where we have more than 1,600 employees, a culture of openness, empathy, long-termism, and innovation is reinforced. She said, “We remain committed to developing our people and providing opportunities for them to learn and grow.”

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