Established in 2016, GIC Insights is GIC’s annual thought leadership event that gathers prominent business leaders from across the globe to deliberate over long-term issues pertinent to the international business and investment community.

The need for such a forum has become especially apparent in recent years. Companies are facing disruptions on many fronts including changes in the macroeconomic regime, new geopolitical realities, rapid technological change, and rising pressure to address the climate crisis, among other critical issues. As a result, companies are trying to build resilience into their operations.

The issues businesses are being confronted with must be assessed both individually and as part of a larger paradigm shift. Being able to withstand or adapt to disruption and deliver strong performance in parallel will be critical in the years ahead. Businesses will need to truly demonstrate resilience in order to thrive over the long term.

While these will not be easy problems to solve, we believe that a frank and direct discussion among global business leaders is one of the few ways to truly move the needle on building resilience at scale.

In that spirit, GIC partnered with FCLTGlobal to bring its unique roundtable meeting format to GIC Insights 2022. C-suite participants for this session, representing leading companies, asset owners, and asset managers around the world, shared how they are keeping their organisations agile to today’s challenges, and the obstacles they are encountering as they do so. Platforms such as these where global leaders can exchange best practices and lessons learnt will be critical in finding answers that will stand the test of time.

Our thanks go to everyone who was able to participate in this important conversation. The insights in the attached report encapsulate the key takeaways we heard in the room, and a practical toolkit meant to turn those takeaways into action. We hope they prove valuable both to those of you who joined us at GIC Insights and those of you who are looking for new, innovative ways to keep your business resilient, productive, and focused on the long term.

Lim Chow Kiat, CEO, GIC & Sarah Williamson, CEO, FCLTGlobal

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