Organizational Structure

Board of Directors International Advisory Board
Board Committees
Investment Strategies Committee
Investment Board
Risk Committee
Audit Committee
Human Resource & Organization Committee
Group Executive Committee
  • Lim Chow Kiat

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Dr Jeffrey Jaensubhakij

    Group Chief Investment Officer

  • Lim Kee Chong

    Deputy Group Chief Investment Officer

  • Tay Lim Hock

    Deputy Group Chief Investment Officer

  • Goh Kok Huat

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Dr Chia Tai Tee

    Chief Risk Officer [1]

  • Dr Leslie Teo

    Chief Economist

  • Wu Choy Peng

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Deanna Ong

    Chief People Officer

  • Lim Siong Guan


Investment Groups
  • Public Equities
  • Bryan Yeo

    Chief Investment Officer

  • Fixed Income
  • Liew Tzu Mi

    Chief Investment Officer

  • Private Equity
  • Choo Yong Cheen

    Chief Investment Officer

  • Infrastructure
  • Ang Eng Seng

    Chief Investment Officer

  • Real Estate
  • Lee Kok Sun

    Chief Investment Officer

  • Integrated Strategies Group
  • Lim Kee Chong


  • External Managers
  • Betty Tay


  • Portfolio Execution Group
  • Tung Siew Hoong


Overseas Offices
  • Lim Kee Chong

    President (Americas)

  • Tay Lim Hock

    President (Europe)

  • Sharon Sun

    Beijing Office

  • Kishore Gotety

    Mumbai Office

  • Kevin Looi

    San Francisco Office

  • Wolfgang Schwerdtle

    Sao Paulo Office

  • Ray Park Rae-Ik

    Seoul Office

  • Sun Jianjun

    Shanghai Office

  • Ken Chan

    Tokyo Office

Corporate HQ
  • Wong Ai Chiat

    Corporate Administration & Infrastructure

  • Dr Leslie Teo

    Economics & Investment Strategy

  • Loh Wai Keong

    Enterprise Strategy

  • Peter Goh

    Human Resources & Organization

  • Vincent Cheang

    Internal Audit [2]

  • Chan Hoe Yin

    Investment Services Private Markets


  • Leong Wing Kwan

    Investment Services Public Markets

  • Charles Lim

    Legal & Compliance

  • Dominic Lim

    Risk & Performance Management

  • Joyce Tan

    Business Solutions & Technology

[1] The Chief Risk Officer is a member of the Group Executive Committee and reports to the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board Risk Committee. The CRO is accountable to the Board of Directors, primarily through the Board Risk Committee, on all risk-related matters.
[2] The Director, Internal Audit reports administratively to the Chief Executive Officer and functionally to the Chairman of the Board Audit Committee.